Kids Classes


Satori MMA

10-15 Yrs

The Satori MMA Program was developed by the coaches at Satori to develop well rounded young athletes that will be comfortable and adept at all styles of Martial Arts.


Tuesday 6pm

This class was developed to focus on the MMA Sport specifics such as wallwork, ground and pound and MMA Grappling techniques and combos. Incorporating aspects from a variety of Martial Arts this class is a true mix of styles that will develop students into rounded skilled fighters comfortable in all situations and positions that they may find themselves in. The class generally would consist of a warm-up, conditioning, a technique and positional sparring.

Muay Thai

Thursday 6pm

This class was developed to focus on the striking element of MMA within the students of the class. The class will develop the fundamentals of striking in MMA such as clinching, defense and combinations that incorporate all elements of striking such as punches, knees, elbows and kicks. With the main focus always being on safety head strikes are not permitted in this class group.

Strength & Conditioning

Friday 5pm

This class will develop one of the most important areas in MMA that is strength & Conditioning. The class will consist of a warm-up, conditioning, and some sparring. This class will be focused on making the kids fits and conditioned for MMA.

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